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I will probably be using this blog just as much as, if not more than, you.

I don't have a particular mascots because I'm just indecisive tbh and I love everyone.

You can find out WHAT I DO here. It's not an awful lot but hey ho, I help out with what we can!

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OH HOT DAMN! → a font uh… rec post. or whatever you wanna call it.

Adec » Alégre Sans » Carton » Cassanet » Ginette » Haymaker

Homestead » Intro » Jey » Lot » Madonna » Major Minus

Market Deco » Mensch » Metropolis » Minotaur »  Nova » Perforama

Popsies » Portal Black » Ribbon » Tall Dark And Handsome » Tommaso » White Rabbit

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Nestled between forest and coastline is a small town named New Haven.  New Haven was built as a place of refuge for those supernatural being that needed a safe place away from persecution. Unfortunately peace between the species was tenuous and their fighting led to a curse that weakened them all. For two centuries they lived with this curse until one fateful day, the curse was broken, releasing them from their binds. From then on they lived in peace and protected..until now. A decade since the curse was lifted whatever was keeping them protected has been destroyed and their enemies are now descending on the town.

Will New Haven remain a safe refuge or are its inhabitants destined to be cursed once again?

The following are needed characters:

Plot | Setting | Rules | Characters | Main Rp | APPLY |

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A GIF Hunt for The Perks Of Being A Wallflower:


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I’m in love with this book.

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I’ve actually been thinking about it because the movie looks sooo good!

I know. I wanted to read it before I go see the film tomorrow so I bought it yesterday and was panic-reading today haha. But, yeah, it’s beautifully written.

Also you’ve read Hush, Hush which instantly makes me love you yup.

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You guys should give me book recommendations?

You should read Warm Bodies. It’s probably the most well written book I’ve read since Perks. And it’s about zombies.. which is weird.

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Thanks for the adventure...
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In Salem, Massachusetts most people there are anything but ordinary. From witches, to were wolves, to vampires and warlocks. Everyone, is different that’s part of what makes it so welcoming. But when you put so many different creatures together, blood is bound to be shed. 


This Is Salem

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My Favorite fonts → requested by anonymous

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Anonymous: "zac efron family template? please and thank you!"


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